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How to Stay Hard After Erection?

How to stay hard?

If you happen to drop by here, chances are that the sexual pleasure between your partner and you is not the same as it used to be a couple of years ago. Of course, you two still have sex in bed but things don’t get that steamy and horny anymore. Is it your age that is making you cum faster or is it signaling any presence of sexual disorder?

Or even is it your mind that is not Satisfied After you Cum?

We will discuss a host of factors that are responsible for making sure that your penis stays erect even after you have sex. But for this to unfold we will have to know how erections are caused in the first placeand how to stay hard.

Understanding how erections are caused to know how to stay hard

If you want to know how to stay hard even after coming you have to know how erections are caused for the first time while having sex. See, although it may look all very physical and tangible the thing is exactly the opposite of this. To know how to stay hard.

Do you know why you have erections?

It’s because of the intangible feelings inside your brain that trigger certain hormonal responses that make you horny and generate feelings and desires of lust or to have sex. The released hormones will cause an increase of blood flow to the penis and this causes the penis sensitivity to increase. And when you stimulate or play with your penis softly you get erections.

How to stay hard after erection?

What is the refractory period in simple words?

So why is it not that you are not able to achieve penis erections for some time after you cum?

  • It’s because the human body is designed to like that. It might sound vague to you but the fact is in medical terms this period of not being able to have erections is called the refractory period.
  • You see this differs in most men. This means that the older men who are past their 50s or even 60s might experience a large refractory period than younger men in their 20s or 30s.
  • Factors on which your penis staying after coming hard might also depend but might well go unnoticed
  • You see you remaining hard even after coming can also be determined by not just your internal physical and mood conditions but even on the external factors.
  • you might have not noticed these factors before or even if you have to try and implement them while having sex to remain hard even after you cum.

Place of having sex

You see it’s all about the ambiance of the place or the comfort that you are in can depend on whether you stay hard even with you cum. If you are having sex in a not-so-comfortable place or if you are in a hurry then you might experience difficulty to gain harder erections right after ejaculation.

When you are in a cozy and comfortable environment your mind signals your body to keep going on and increase the length of your sex time or copulation just because of the intense sensations within your body. This might even overrule the refractory period as your mind keep generating the thoughts of lust and desire to have sex.

Try changing sex partners if possible…

This one is specifically for the boys and if you are a woman or a girl trying to figure out the cause of concern for your male partner this might frustrate you. You see, for couples who have had in a relationship for years or even for the elderly married couples the sex sessions might not be as intensive or exciting.

And the same thing happens right after ejaculation. It is just because the persons are bored to have sex in between them and it’s all the same as usual. We are not telling you to ruin your character but if it’s possible try having sex with different partners to keep staying hard even after coming and may be you can find answer of your question how to stay hard?

What about the internal factors?

As mentioned above that the lack of not being able to erect right after you cum is general but it can also mean the cropping up of certain disorders.

The list of these male sexual disorders include-

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is where men don’t get erections or cannot sustain them for a long time

Premature ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is where the refractory period can be also much longer than usual. It indicates you are not able to hold on to the urge for coming and cum prematurely or quite early.

Mental disorders

The need to have sex is triggered by hormonal changes and thoughts emerging out of the brain. If you are suffering from mental disorders such as anxiety disorder, frequent panic attacks, too much stress, depression, fear it can all count in and make you not erect even after several hours.

Lower testosterone

You not being able to stay hard after coming can also indicate depleting testosterone levels in your body.

Visit the doctor and go for certain medications and therapy to find answer for how to stay hard?

Going back to stimulation and foreplay might help you. This is quite a useful step that might make you erect even after you have cum. Go on and kiss your partner or hug your lover in an affectionate sexual way or ask her to give you a blowjob.

You can also stimulate your penis or make use of certain playboy tools as well to ensure that your erections don’t subside and you can stay erect even after you cum. Believe it or not, this simple tip can go along a long way and help you to cum multiple times and achieve supreme climaxing orgasms with your partner on bed.

Are there pills for making your penis erect even after you cum?

Yes, there are pills available in the market that can actually make your erections stay longer, avoid premature ejaculation, or even have an erection despite you suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.

If you want to buy these Generic Pills From like: Fildena 100, Fildena 150, Fildena 120, Fildena 200, and Fildena Super Active may help you to treat Erectile Dysfunction

But before using any of such drugs you should go on and consult with a doctor for safety purposes.

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